Thursday, 5 September 2013

Procrastination! Really need to find the motivation to get off my arse! .. oh Hi i'm Wilfy! :)

Giz a snog

It's been 3 years since my last real backpacking experience ... and my feet are beginning to get rather itchy.

I have always had an interest in writing emails for my close friends and always enjoyed sharing my trips with them and eagerly waiting for replies or rolled eyes at my antics around the globe!

So! I thought why not start a real blog? and share my life with the world instead? ok i'm not a super star?!? I'm not model material... but I do get upto some really crazy shit from time to time and oh boy I could tell you some stories ;)

never know I might be able to earn a little pocket money along the way?

this is the first time I've put pen to paper fingers to keyboard in a really long time! my English is broken, my grammar aint the best, but what I lack in writing finesse ill try to recoup using my oddly interesting lumbering and sledgehammer to a nail journey through life.

I have so many ideas! I want to get in on the whole internet scene.. there's money to be made! people to be inspired! I've bought my web page name! what a catch huh? :) but atmo I really cannot be arsed to create it into the page that it should be!

What should it be? atmo im thinking a travel inspiration page, guides, tips, tricks, few of my rants and rambles through life all served with a side order of beer!

I'm engaged! to a girl called Sarah Lam! a Hong Kong girl I met on one of my last trips when I backpacked and did the ol working holiday visa thingy through Australia...

She returned home on a family emergency and I've been stranded in the UK ever since! 3 years long distance relationship is really starting to get on my nerves? >.< and i'm sure it would for u too! but we are still going strong ... sort of ... And I thought its about bloody time we got together.

I've booked my ticket and I leave for Hong Kong in October with the intention of creating a new life... lets see what this brings!

A girl who I travelled with for a while once told me something that stuck with me for life.
Mc nugget and Me
"You have to make the jump, and then a net will appear to catch you.. but before you jump you can never see the net!"
this was very profound as many times with one way tickets n such and winging my way... something always turns up and I always land on my feet!

Thanks for that nugget Marie :)

so lets see what Hong Kong brings huh?

Anyway I'm Jason Fletcher aka Wilfy!   let the adventure begin!

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